Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Southeast Tournaments?
SE Tournaments is a member of the travel baseball organization. We are the official website for Southeast Tournament sanctioned baseball tournaments. With years experience in Tournament baseball, SE Tournaments will continue to deliver amazing tournaments in this area.
2What is your refund policy?
Please visit the refund policy page located under the About SE Tournaments section of the website. We do our best to accommodate extreme circumstances in the case a unique situation arises.
3How do I remove/release a player from my roster?
Once you have registered your team from our website through our software provider you can log in and make edits to your team roster. If you have further issues or questions, please submit a message using the Contact Us link on our website.
4How do I apply to be an umpire for an event?
If you are interested in becoming an umpire for the SE Tournaments sanctioned tournaments please send us a direct message using the Contact Us link on our website or visit the Umpire Sanction tab located on our website.
5What is a game or tournament is rained out?
If weather is a factor, we always make real time updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages so please make sure to "like" and "follow" us on those channels. In the events that the tournament is rained out, we have our policy located on the Rules tab of our website.
6How much does a tournament cost?
It depends on the age division and tournament. Please check our tournament page out for any pricing related questions.
7Do you ever offer one day tournaments?
Yes. We offer a variety of tournament options from week long tournaments to one day shoot-outs depending on the month of year and age group. If you are interested in hosting a tournament or participating in a one day event, please contact us.