Welcome to Southeast Tournaments

Southeast Tournaments partner to sanction top level Travel Baseball Events in the Southeast.  We are the official website for Southeast Tournaments s sanctioned baseball tournaments. With years experience in Tournament baseball, SE  will continue to deliver amazing tournaments in this area.

Southeast Tournaments mission is to be the most visibly recognized, technologically advanced, professionally represented sports organization in the world.

We will achieve this success by an uncompromising commitment to meeting the needs of the Teams, Coaches, Sponsors, Park Owners and Fans. As an organization our attitude is that team / player sponsor / fan satisfaction is everything.


Strive to promote our continued intellectual growth and to conduct ourselves as dedicated professionals.
Demand the highest levels of integrity and responsibility to support the Players Association.
Foster a climate where diversity of thought and expression are encouraged and cooperatively applied to better accomplish our mission.
Appreciate and treat all individuals with respect and dignity
Continually strive for unsurpassed excellence in all we do

Come experience the best in 2021 -Southeast Baseball Tournaments